Having helped universities attract more than 7,000 Middle East students in the last eight years, we're the U.S. university gateway to Middle East student recruitment.

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The Leader In Recruiting Students From The Middle East

Global Vision is the most experienced, most successful and largest resource for undergraduate and graduate students from 10 Middle East countries. Led and staffed by Arabic-speaking educators, trained and experienced both in the Arab world and in the United States, Global Vision provides cross-cultural expertise for Arab students and colleges and universities in the English-speaking world.

For colleges and universities, Global Vision USA provides school marketing, student counseling, tour follow up activities and other services you need to recruit and maintain high performing undergraduates and graduates. For students, we offer everything you need to study and succeed in the U.S. and Canada.

In 2003 Global Vision placed 450 Middle Eastern students in colleges and universities in the United Kingdom and Canada. Since then, student placements have risen steadily. Last year Global Vision and Bridge International, its sister organization, placed 1,000 students from the Middle East.

Your Middle Eastern Student Recruitment Experts: Premla and David O'Connor

David and Premla O'Connor

Premla and David O'Connor own and manage Global Vision USA. As 11 year residents of Jordan, they have traveled extensively throughout the region and know the Middle East school and higher education systems well. In Jordan, they led major development projects with the Noor Al Hussein Foundation and David was also Chair of the American Community School. David managed other programs in China, Nepal and Moldova with the United Nations, the World Bank and the Peace Corps, while Prem started new business ventures that provided employment to local women. Before moving overseas, they managed development initiatives at Save the Children in Westport, Connecticut. Prem is originally from Sikkim, once a small kingdom in the Himalayas between Nepal and Bhutan.

Global Vision Office Locations

Global Vision Office Locations

  • Bahrain
  • Dubai
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq
  • Egypt
  • Kazakhstan

Representation via Jordan

  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Palestine
  • Qatar
  • Syria

Global Vision Fast Facts


1996 (as Bridge International), US office established in 2009


Amman, Jordan


9 offices, recruiting students from 13 Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries

Students Placed:

1,000 in the most recent academic year

U.S. Location:

South Glastonbury, CT

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Success Story:

Global Vision has the student's best interest at heart. They helped me locate the right course and university and gave me some advice on the career choices I could make after completing my studies. I think the staff is extremely professional and efficient. I am enjoying my PhD at Coventry University.

  • - Shatha Al Qatameen