Having helped universities attract more than 7,000 Middle East students in the last eight years, we're the U.S. university gateway to Middle East student recruitment.

Educational Tours to the Middle East

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Our partners in Jordan have over 16 years of experience organizing group tours and special events for colleges, universities and English language centers to connect with students in the Middle East.

Global Vision Educational Tour - October 2018

Fall Tour

October 10 & 11

school visits & evening sessions



October 13 & 14

school visits & evening sessions


$6,000 *

October 15

school visits & evening sessions

Abu Dhabi

October 16

school visits


October 17

school visits & evening sessions


October 18

school visits & evening sessions


October 20 & 21

school visits & evening sessions



October 22

school visits & evening sessions



* Gulf countries can be booked separately at $1,500 per country.

Costs include one night of accommodation per country (two in Jordan), workshop space, airport pick-ups and local transportation, logistical support, marketing, follow-up with students, and local taxes but do not include airfare. We offer significant early-bird registration discounts and reduced rates for second participants. US passport holders can obtain visas at airports.

We particularly encourage a visit to Jordan. With headquarters in Amman, all our student applications are funneled through that office. These events offer the opportunity to train our staff and gain maximum exposure for your programs at our primary location. We follow up on all contacts made at these events.

For more information and registration contact us by email.

Global Vision events create the perfect opportunity for academic institutions to maximize exposure to key markets in order to meet qualified students and attain their recruiting goals. They are led by educators and counselors who are well versed in local and international educational systems. In addition to students, decision-makers from schools, universities and local companies attend our events, as well as those responsible for placing students.

Tours are exceptionally well-organized and praised by participants.

Read what admissions officers say about Global Vision

“Great trip, well organized.”

“Our hosts were wonderful.”

“Overall, a very good introduction to recruiting in the region.”

“Wonderful! Went our of their way to make sure we were comfortable and prepared for our visit. Global Vision counselors are familiar with higher education in the US and with the students’ needs in the Middle East region.”

At the end of each tour, Global Vision will assist you in maintaining contact with students and following up on applications.

Another Global Vision

Success Story:

I learned from the local newspapers in Jordan about pursuing my Ph.D. degree through Bridge for Academic Services [Bridge is Global Vision's company in Jordan]. I had gone to the exhibition and was guided on how to study abroad. Now, that I have my PhD degree, I'm teaching in the most prestigious universities in Amman, Jordan. I have been waiting for such an opportunity and I thank Bridge and advise, as a Professor, to seek assistance from Bridge only.

  • - Abdel Hafeez Al Hroot