Having helped universities attract more than 7,000 Middle East students in the last eight years, we're the U.S. university gateway to Middle East student recruitment.

Why Us?

With Global Vision, The Benefits Are Huge

No other Middle Eastern student recruitment company has the experience, success and proven track record of Global Vision. Last year alone we placed 1,000 students from the Middle East in educational institutions and English language centers.

You Have Nothing To Lose; A Lot To Gain

Colleges and universities easily enter into a Global Vision agreement. It's as risk-free as possible. You have no up-front costs. You only pay us for performance. Your school only pays a fee after students make their first tuition payment. Students are only charged a nominal registration fee.

18 Years of Experience

We are the U.S. affiliate of Global Vision for Academic Services and Bridge International for Academic Services. Based in Amman, Jordan, Global Vision has enabled colleges to recruit in the Middle East for 18 years. Bridge International is accredited with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan. Global Vision for Academic Services is licensed to operate in the Middle East.

Now with our U.S. branch open, our goal is to place hundreds more students in the United States and Canada. Many of these Middle Eastern undergraduate and graduate students will arrive with full scholarships from their home countries.

Global Vision USA is a member of NAFSA and an ICEF recognized agency.

Another Global Vision

Success Story:

Global Vision has the student's best interest at heart. They helped me locate the right course and university and gave me some advice on the career choices I could make after completing my studies. I think the staff is extremely professional and efficient. I am enjoying my PhD at Coventry University.

  • - Shatha Al Qatameen